News of [my] world.



I’m not dead, I’ve just been concentrating on ‘life’ and well doing rather than writing. However here is some news.

1. All of my recent writing output is available in physical and digital form on a gumroad shop at the link below. So if you want a book or fanzine feel free to click/buy.

2. I’m still selling my record collection and have 51 records left so if you fancy some vinyl then check out the link below.

3. I’m going to be speaking at the Cycle Touring Festival in Clitheroe again this year. Tickets are on sale now and available at the link below. It’s a good, fun weekend and you should come.

Sales pitch over.

4. I went to a talk by a guy called Rob Greenfield yesterday evening and it was really good/interesting. If you are at all interested in your impact on the planet (and you should be) then check out his website at the link below. He has some really good blogs on practical steps you can take based on the ‘stunts’/adventures he’s had. The easiest way to find those is to put food, water, waste, energy and transport at the end of the URL.

5. I’ve moved to Bristol. If you fancy a pint/bike ride/coffee, get in touch. Particularly if you play drums and like punk/stoner music. To mis-quote a film I’m trying to put [a] band back together.

6. I’m looking for a part time job and quite fancy twirling spanners and working on bicycles again. So if you know anyone who wants a mechanic for a few days a week then let me know/point them in my direction.

Sorry for the gap in proceedings. I’m not saying it won’t happen again, lets see where inspiration and energy take me!

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