Bluffing statistics

So it appears stats are the new kit lists when it comes to cycle touring blogs. So here is a round up of the ‘scores’ for my recent travels. It’s all fairly approximate so don’t hold me to it!

In the period from leaving Leeds on 26th November last year to ending up back with my Parents this week I’ve visited 15 different countries and cycled a total of 6086 miles. I’ve actually cycled more than that but that’s the recorded miles on the  touring bike.  Over the period I cycled ‘on tour’ for roughly 119 days which means my daily average was 51 miles per day.

The total period of time was 256 days. The breakdown of where I slept is as follows:

Wild camping – 71 nights
Campsite – 17 nights
Hostel/Hotel – 9 nights
Warmshowers stay – 44 nights
Friends – 43 nights
Family – 57 nights
WOOF stay – 11 nights
Ferry – 4 nights

Tim has a really good blog here about how he funded his adventures. Well the breakdown for my ‘funding’ is very approximately as follows:

Selling bikes/bike parts – £1500
Selling records – £400
Gift from Parents – £400
‘Buy me a coffee’ gifts – £100
Tax rebate – £570

So therefore I had (and spent) a rough total of about £3000 in the period. If you work out how much I spent a week then at £83 you can see that I am terrible with money/budgeting! You can tour for much less than the amount I spent though, I made a conscious decision to not stress about money whilst I still had it and just went with the flow. Somehow luckily my funds stretched until I reached home. The good side of not budgeting though is that I drank approx. 200 plus different brands and types of beer from all around Europe!

During my cycle tour I wore out, broke or totally destroyed the following things (some weren’t new at the start ):

3 zips
1 pair of cycling shorts
1 cycling jersey
1 cycling cap (snapped the peak in two places and it’s heavily faded!)
1 pair of knee warmers
1 Garmin (currently ‘fixed’ with tin foil)
1 tent pole (‘fixed’ with a bit of another tent pole cut to length)
1 complete tent (huge hole burnt in the outer)
1 frying pan (fixed with a match to replace the pin part that fell out of the folding handle)
3 tyres
1 cassette
3 chainrings
4 chains (I’m not sure they were all completely worn out but as the above are worn worth replacing)
1 spoke
1 bottle cage
1 set of rear hub cones and bearings
2 sets of disc brake pads

Touring can be hard on you physically and mentally at times but it’s really hard on the kit/bike you are using. I’ve had a tendency to push things on this tour just to see how far they will go. However in future I think I will try to be a bit more diligent on the maintenance front, especially if I end up going somewhere more remote.

So now it’s time to lick my wounds (well continue putting Aloe vera gel on them) and sew up the holes in my base layers again! I also need to somehow put some money in my bank account. I think I should be able to see out the rest of the summer but the winter months are sadly going to involve the dreaded act of ‘work’ to try to save up funds for the next trip. I have ideas and big plans, which when they are more finalised and definitely going to happen I’ll talk about.

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